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The Team


Mr Vince Wright              "An expert in creating bits for all types of vehicles."

Vince, for over 10 years was part of an elite team that produced bits for British Fighter Jets others could not. Vince had to create jigs and tooling to recreate and test replacement parts before they are installed because the original tooling had been long lost. Vince became an expert in aircraft technology and the art of producing and testing individual parts that are extremely strong but light.

His genius caught the attention of Chris Umberstone of Spice Racing Car fame. Chris finally lured Vince away from the aircraft industry and they worked side by side on a number of projects, including a unique new car that Chris planned to produce in Sri Lanka. Chris unexpectedly passed away very quickly, but Vince learned from one of the most successful racing minds ever.

It was an education that would serve him well.

Since Vince was a child, he had enjoyed cars and creating bits. His evenings were spent building his own kit cars and also helping others complete and improve theirs. He gained a reputation as an excellent builder and as a source that could produce bits far superior to the kit car companies for a very fair price. RVD was founded during this time.


Vince was also in the process of developing his own Super car, which he named Nemesis. RVD also continued to produce unique or improved bits wile still continuing to help others with their cars. Vince designed the chassis, the rear suspension (running gear) and revised the Jaguar based front suspension. The interior rivals any Super car but is more spacious and has a front boot that is as large as some sedans. The demo car has a Jaguar V12, Renault transaxle and is easily capable of Super car performance in all respects.


Vince had seen hundreds of GRP bodies that were absolutely rubbish. He knew from his aircraft experience that a GRP body with a foam sandwich will make a much stronger and stable body, but only a few firms had been able to adapt a GRP sandwich, but ONLY with flat panels. As Vince had done so many times before he set out to produce the tooling and procedures to use a foam sandwich for curves, angles, arches, and harder to fabricate panels.


The quality of the Nemesis cannot be argued. The demo car was introduced in May 1996 at the Stoneleigh Kit car show. Now, 8 years later the quality and the strength of his unique foam core GRP body cannot be argued. The Nemesis still sports her original paint and is void of the collapsed panel and stress factors that one expects on most kit cars. The Nemesis is so well engineered, that it is still as capable today as she was in 1996, despite being thrashed around her whole life and being exposed to the weather for most of her life.